About Us

Bardwell Media has been a devoted supporter of the independent online video community for many years.  Developing web platforms, beneficial to both online video viewers and creators, is what makes Bardwell Media a pioneer in the industry.  We are a Digital Media consulting company specializing in online video production, distribution, and marketing, SEO/SEM, analytical data evaluation, social media, e-commerce, & website design.

Our latest endeavor, Nūtral TV, is a new web TV destination network for promoting and viewing web series and short films in a unique, yet familiar way.  We actively market and promote content that introduce viewers to quality entertainment in a more beneficial format.

Nūtral TV is primarily a web series and short film streaming network where we promote premium content similar to 1980s MTV VJs.

Consider us a boutique web TV network, compared to the YouTubes of the world, allowing us to focus on quality over quantity.

Nūtral TV:  The Name

Nūtral TV is pronounced neutral, and we try to stay that way.  Most web TV networks have exclusive licensing agreements with producers or they only present one particular studio’s content.  Also, many other web TV networks only provide digital space for the user to upload their content, but don’t assist in increasing their clients’ video views.

Our philosophy is to promote and market a producer’s entertaining, high quality content while maintaining a sense of neutrality.  (Of course it needs to adhere to our standards.)  You could call us the Switzerland of web TV.

Nūtral TV: History and Future

Nūtral TV was conceived back in December of 2009 by new media consultant and pioneer, Patrick Bardwell of Bardwell Media.  The idea was to bring more variety of fantastic original online video content to the TV audience.

Unfortunately, the level of adoption for alternative entertainment wasn’t very high back then.  This hurdle was also coupled with the small market share of broadband connected TVs, slower processing computers, and limited number of smartphones.  The iPad wasn’t even released when he first visualized Nūtral TV.

Today, there is an ever increasing level of cable TV viewers wanting more alternative outlets to find premium content, when they want it, and on whichever device they own.

Our first conception of Nūtral TV was to bring online video programs back to the living room audience.  That vision coming to fruition might be a bit delayed due to a lack of consumer and technology adoption.  We definitely, however, see a day when viewers turn on their living room television, flip through the channels, and won’t be able to differentiate between “TV” shows and online video shown on Nūtral TV.

In the meantime, Nūtral TV can still bring you that “lean-back” living-room feel, but on a variety of portable broadband devices.

Producers, want to see your content on Nūtral TV?  Be part of a uniquely new concept in delivering premium quality web videos and short films.

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