New Horror Web TV – “The Haunting of Sunshine Girl”

This horror web TV video is an oldie, but goodie and just in time for Hallow’s Eve (ahem, Halloween). This horror web series is from the vast network of other scary videos, The Haunting of Sunshine Girl. In this hour web tv, raise-the-hair-on-the-back-of-your-neck horror video has that “Blair Witch” kind of feel as it’s very raw, amateur video. Watch out, however, as this frightening video will catch you off guard. Enjoy and Happy Halloween!

Featured Online Video:
Haunting of Sunshine Girl “Child Ghost Caught on Tape”


Ghost child caught on tape: First the lights went out and then we heard noises and then things got really scary. This is definitely ghost activity caught on tape. I can’t believe how strong the paranormal can be. My house has been haunted for awhile now and it’s getting unbelievably scary. This is the worst haunting of all time.

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Noa Lindberg

Patrick Bardwell

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