[Video] Funny Babysitting with Maker’s Mark on “Margot and Marie”

Short web TV episode it is, but it doesn’t lack in hilarity. In this episode of “Margot & Marie,” the girls are having a difficult time babysitting. We’ve all been there. Not having kids and not knowing what to do with babies calls for reinforcements. Babysitting becomes much easier with a little Maker’s Mark in their coffee. Enjoy this web TV video and let us know how you like it.

Featured Online Video:
Margot & Marie “Baby”


Margot & Marie, besties since 1997, love babies, Beyonce, dating
and amazing blazers, duh.

Go to video now: http://youtu.be/m85OtXDjgDk?list=PLHumRHnCzdImTwluGM4pJEmCYHwAZzn96

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