[Video] Ghost Comedy in new episode of “Maggie”

This ghost comedy web TV video isn’t quite from Christmas Present, but it’s very funny indeed. Maggie’s best friend dies (single tear) but kinda comes back to haunt her. Unfortunately for Maggie, only she can see her ghost-of-a-former-best friend. Later in the series there is a special guest star from that wacky show “Lost,” Jorge Garcia. Enjoy!

Featured Online Video:
Maggie “The Reveal”


Maggie is a young woman whose best friend Adam has recently died and
become a ghost, though she is the only one who can see him.

Go to video now: http://youtu.be/ejDjjGGDq74?list=PLHumRHnCzdInFq94MexKmmqpf9R9sQZXY

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